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Fantasy Baseball Classic Results


We have a winner:

1Abolish the Playoffs, Aaron Veenstra29099.9805060100
2Lexington Bearded Ducks, Robert Farley26098.6704050100
2Jeremy1970’s Picks 1, Jeremy Singer26098.650807060
4McAllen Masked Marauders, Sophia Blue25097.470405090
5Waxhaw’s Finest, Tom Bayha24095.980305080
5IrateBeagle’s Picks 1, Jared Eberle24095.970404090
5Bombas win it all, Brock Stevens24095.960703080
8Aaron Judgement for All, Ben Seitelman2309480404070
9SouthSideFan, Manny U22092.160304090
10Bieber Belieber, Mike Jacobson21090.170404060

And yes, it does appear that the idiotic inability of the Dodgers to close things out in Game 4 cost me the title. But I’m not bitter. Veenstra, please contact me for prize info at the address in the sidebar.

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