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The Loons!

A JB-2 being inspected by USAAF personnel at Wendover AAF, 1944. By National Archives via the United States Air Force Historical Research Agency, Public Domain,

Over at the National Interest I write a bit about the Republic-Ford JB-2 Loon, a cruise missile reverse-engineered from the German V-1:

In 1944 and 1945, the Germans launched some 12,000 V-1 “Buzzbombs” at Allied targets in Britain and the Low Countries, inflicting more than 20,000 casualties and causing extensive damage to buildings and other ground facilities. This onslaught so impressed the Americans that they decided to reverse-engineer the weapon, then employ it en masse against both Germany and Japan. 

Some additional thoughts in this thread regarding what it means to “steal” enemy military technology.

In other news, this is about to happen, so get used to lots of threads and posts about intellectual property and national security…

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