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They’re building landing strips for gay Martians


This is the kind of information you once could only get from pamphlets published in Pueblo, Colorado:

Trump painted a dark, dystopian picture of the United States under a potential Biden administration Thursday, warning of a world without cows or “any form of animals.””If he wins, you’re going to end up with a disaster,” he claimed of Democratic rival Joe Biden during a wide-ranging, phone-in appearance on Fox Business Network Thursday morning, calling out the Green New Deal, which he mistakenly referred to as the “New Green Deal,” as something that was “drawn by children.”

Trump claimed on Thursday that if Biden is elected, there would be “no fossil fuels, which means, basically, no energy,” warned that cities would need to be rebuilt “because too much light gets through the windows … let’s rip down the Empire State Building,” “no airplanes,” few cars, and suggested: “They don’t want to have cows, they don’t want to have any form of animals.”

First they came for the foie gras and I said nothing because let’s face it that stuff is pretty bad for you.

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