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Left a good job in the city


Donald Trump’s schedule for tomorrow (a Monday):

12:30 PMOfficial ScheduleThe President has lunch with the Vice President
Private Dining RoomClosed Press
2:00 PMOfficial ScheduleThe President participates in a roundtable with stakeholders positively impacted by law enforcement

Good thing there isn’t much going on these days.

I want to go back to Cuomo, because he’s getting such adulation for his role in this, and I’m curious if you think that it’s deserved.

He’s being compared to Trump, so naturally he looks like Abraham Lincoln. First of all, Trump is very lazy. I can tell you, the same way basketball players say “game recognizes game,” sloth recognizes sloth. This is a lazy guy. I actually know this. And Andrew Cuomo is an incredibly industrious person, and I do think he’s doing a good job. He’s doing a job, which Trump is not.

New Yorker interview with Fran Lebowitz, April 2020.

I mean I suppose it’s actually better for the country if he isn’t actually even pretending to do the job, but still.

262 days golfing while president and counting.

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