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Today in Donald Trump’s Non-Interventionist Mindset


Let’s check in on the war criminal Donald Trump exempted from punishment for his crime of senselessly murdering random civilians:

A retired Navy SEAL whose war crimes trial made international news has launched a video attack on former SEAL teammates who accused him of murder, shooting civilians and who testified against him at his San Diego court-martial in June.

In a three-minute video posted to his Facebook page and Instagram account Monday, retired Chief Special Operator Edward Gallagher, 40, referred to some members of his former platoon as “cowards” and highlighted names, photos and — for those still on active duty — their duty status and current units, something former SEALs say places those men — and the Navy’s mission — in jeopardy.

Hey, Gallagher is making threats here only to Americans, so it’s consistent with Donald Trump’s Non-Interventionist Mindset (TM). CHECKMATE LIBS!

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