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Mass disenfranchisement fails to save colossal asshole


I will leave it to Farley [UPDATE: already done!] to write a complete epitaph but hahahahahahaha:

Democrat Andy Beshear has won the Kentucky governor’s race, ousting sitting Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, and giving Democrats a big win in a conservative state.

It’s a major loss for Republicans in a state where they hold supermajorities in both chambers of the state legislature, both US Senate seats, and five out of the state’s six House seats. Bevin pulled out all the stops to clinch a win; President Donald Trump rallied in Lexington, Kentucky, Monday night ahead of the election to turn out voters. But even that last-ditch effort wasn’t enough — a sign that Trump’s influence isn’t omnipotent.

Bevin hates democracy but the voters of Kentucky hated him so much more it didn’t matter. To add to the comedy:

And now to present the Skip Bayless award for the hottest taek of the evening:

Yes, if a Republican had barely eked out a victory in a state Trump carried by 30 points that would have been dispositive proof that impeachment is bad for Democrats that’s some million-dollar analysis right there. At least you can’t accuse Chuck of excessive preparation.

…Dems flip Senate in Virginia. House hasn’t been called yet but looks promising.

…AND that’s the trifecta in Virginia. Amazing how delaying implementation of the enormously popular Medicaid expansion for years didn’t help the Republican Party retain its hold on the legislature.

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