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Searching For Johnny Unbeatable


Dems — by which is meant Dem donors who contribute to convenient media narratives — in disarray!

“There’s more anxiety than ever,” said Connie Schultz, a journalist who is married to Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, another Democrat who some in the party would like to see join the race. “We’re both getting the calls. I’ve been surprised by some who’ve called me.” 

“I can see it, I can feel it, I can hear it,” Mitch Landrieu, the former New Orleans mayor, said of the unease within the party. He said he thinks Mr. Biden is best positioned to defeat Mr. Trump but called the former vice president’s fund-raising “a real concern.”

Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Bloomberg have both told people privately in recent weeks that if they thought they could win, they would consider entering the primary — but that they were skeptical there would be an opening, according to Democrats who have spoken with them.

Former Secretary of State John F. Kerry, who associates say has wondered aloud about whether he should have run and has found it hard to watch Mr. Biden’s missteps, has also been urged to get in. But he still thinks the former vice president, who was once his longtime Senate colleague, is the party’s best nominee.

1)Running Sherrod Brown is a great idea, if you don’t want Democrats to be able to pass legislation or get any federal appealate judges confirmed. Otherwise, it’s insane, as Brown to his credit seems to realize.

2)I would not say “I’m not sure any of these candidates can win, so we should be considering a surer shot like John Kerry or Hillary Clinton” can withstand careful analytical scrutiny.

3)It’s amazing how many people are palpably desperate to have Hillary Clinton to keep kicking around. She is very obviously not running, but reporters can’t be forced to stop dreaming.

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