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Monday NatSec Roundup

Aerial view of the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi maneuvering on 4 June 1942 (USAF-57576).jpg
HIJMS Akagi under attack from USAAF B-17s, June 4, 1942. U.S. Army Air Forces photo USAF-57576, Public Domain, Link

Unless a nation’s life faces peril, war is murder.

  • The ArmsControlWonk podcast has a good discussion of the issues surrounding the presence of US nuclear weapons at Incirlik airbase in Turkey. Long story short, probs a good time to think about redeploying the roughly fifty tactical nukes at the base.
  • Speaking of Turkey and nukes, apparently Erdogan wants some! The nuclear non-proliferation regime is one of the key achievements of what we generally think of as the liberal international order. It represents a system of carrots and sticks that are fundamental to shaping how countries make decisions about acquiring nukes. And broadly speaking, it has been successful in that mission. Turkey getting nukes, it is fair to say, would be bad.
  • We’re not getting out of the Middle East by any useful definition of “out,” and we should ignore the President when he says we are.
  • Apparently there’s an election today in Canada, and foreign policy has played an unusually large role?
  • Lots of feels about the first episode of Watchmen last night, but I certainly liked that they got the airpower part of the Tulsa Race Massacre right.
  • RV Petrel has found the wrecks of HIJMS Kaga and HIJMS Akagi.

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