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The Real Issue with Free Speech on Campus

Two armed American border guards confront a group of immigrants attempting to cross illegally from Mexico into the United States in 1948. In A Line in the Sand, Rachel St. John traces the history of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Unlike what dishonest trolls such as Conor Friedersdorf or Bret Stephens will tell you, the real attack on campus free speech is suppressing free speech on the left. See the University of Arizona.

Two students at the University of Arizona will be charged with misdemeanors after a video showing them protesting a Customs and Border Protection event on campus went viral, UA President Robert Robbins announced Friday.

The potential charges stem from a Border Patrol presentation to a student club, the Criminal Justice Association, on campus on March 19.

Video of the incident showed two Border Patrol agents in a classroom giving a presentation, with people outside the door recording themand calling them “Murder Patrol,” “murderers” and “an extension of the KKK.”

After the agents leave the classroom, a group followed them until they left campus, chanting “Murder Patrol,” video footage on social media shows.

Conservative media and commentators shared the video on social media and blogs as an example of free speech issues on college campuses.

In the letter sent to students posted online, Robbins said the protest represented a “dramatic departure from our expectations of respectful behavior and support for free speech on this campus.”

UA police determined Friday that they “will be charging” two students involved in the incident with “interference with the peaceful conduct of an educational institution,” which is a misdemeanor. A Class 1 misdemeanor could result in up to six months of jail time.

Six months in prison for protesting fascism and ethnic cleansing. Yeah, pretty clear that Oberlin students complaining that their cafeteria banh mi is not sufficiently Vietnamese is a major existential crisis for American institutions of higher education.

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