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Bernie Sanders and taxes


Bernie Sanders is acting very weird about his taxes.

A quick recap:

(1) In 2006, Sanders challenged his GOP opponent during a debate to release his taxes, pledging he would do the same.  Apparently he never did.

(2) In 2016, Sanders was pressured to release his taxes, but initially released just the first two summary pages of his 2014 return.  After being pushed on it some more, he eventually released his entire 2014 return, which is apparently the only time he’s made any of his tax returns public.

(3) In February, when he announced he was running for president, he said he would release his last ten years of federal returns.  As of today he hasn’t done so, and he continues to make what to me at least sound like bizarre excuses about “crossing t’s and dotting i’s.”  (These are old legal documents.  You can redact them for personal information you don’t want released in five minutes).

So what’s going on?

The possibilities include:

(1) The returns reveal legally sketchy behavior.

(2) The returns reveal perfectly legal but politically embarrassing information of some sort.

(3) Sanders is a stubborn old man who doesn’t like to be told what to do, and is also kind of disorganized about seeing that simple bureaucratic tasks get done.

(4) Something else?

FWIW my guess is that it’s mostly (3) with a smaller dollop of (2).   I would prefer almost everybody else in the Democratic field to Sanders, if only because of his age, but even if that weren’t the case this is really off-putting and troubling behavior, even if the explanation turns out to be the most innocuous one possible, which is basically what I’m assuming at this point, i.e., door #3.  He should continue to be pushed on the point until he does what he said he would do.

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