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This is the opposite of what “getting it” is:

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said Wednesday that he would consider putting a woman on his presidential ticket, and then asked why female Democratic presidential candidates are not being asked if they would select a man as their running mate.
The comment struck a number of Democrats as off base, especially considering that the nation has never had a female vice president.
“Governor,” CNN’s Dana Bash said at a presidential candidate town hall, “some of your male competitors have vowed to put a woman on the ticket. Yes or no, would you do the same?”
“Of course,” Hickenlooper said, before saying he wanted to ask Bash a question.

“How come we’re not asking more often the women, ‘Would you be willing to put a man on the ticket?’ ” he said with a shrug, to audible groans from the audience.

Yes, it’s a real mystery why women aren’t routinely asked whether they would remedy the historic exclusion of men from presidential tickets. Anyway, in other news Hickenlooper is currently polling at “Frank Bruni. Nope, that’s it.”

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