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If Only Republicans Would Hurt the Right People, I’d Totally Vote for Them


I fully understand that building a coalition to defeat Republicans and grind their party into dust requires some allies that might be problematic. And one way to get those allies is to tap into the discontent over how the Republican tax scam that gave billions to billionaires at the expense of homeowners can help do that. But it’s still going to lead some massive eyerolls.

Beth Callori of Long Island, New York, said she was thrilled to receive about $90 more in each paycheck last year. Thanks to the new lower federal income tax rates, Callori’s employer, a financial services firm, was withholding less from her paycheck for federal tax purposes.

“I thought, ‘Wow, Trump is great, I love him,’” Callori said.

But last week Callori heard from her tax preparer that she owes the federal government more than $5,000 ― almost five times as much as she had to pay in previous years.

“I almost fell out of my chair. I could not believe it,” she said. “I voted for Trump. I thought he was going to be good for this country, but when I got that phone call, that’s it, I’m done.”

“Listen, if Donald Trump was just locking children in cages and urging violence against the media, I’d be totally down with him. But I have to pay a few thousand in taxes and because of this he is the greatest monster in human history.” Compelling. But inevitable I suppose.

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