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The Return of the Administration of Kindly Old Moderate George Bush


The party of George Bush became the party of Donald Trump without any real resistance because the party of George Bush is basically the party of Donald Trump. Now that Trump has nominated Bill Barr, Bush’s Attorney General from 1991-93, to be his own Attorney General, with the clear and obvious consideration that Barr will not recuse himself from the Mueller investigation or anything else, that is all the more clear. During his first run at AG, Barr was fully dedicated to locking up huge numbers of black people to fight the war on drugs, which Bush himself of course wholeheartedly supported. And you know Donald Trump would be all about that today too! But of course the real issue today is Mueller.

Mr Barr has voiced disapproval over some aspects of the inquiry but his views on the investigation’s legitimacy remain unknown.

He has said that Robert Mueller hired too many prosecutors with Democratic campaign ties for his investigative team – telling the Washington Post he “would have liked to see [Mueller] have more balance”.

In a 2017 opinion piece for the Post, Mr Barr said Mr Trump had been right to fire FBI director James Comey because he “crossed a line” by announcing the outcome of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

He has also defended Mr Trump’s desire for a criminal investigation against Hillary Clinton to the New York Times, adding that some of her actions merited an inquiry more than any Trump-Russia collusion.

The Times has described Mr Barr as a lawyer with a vision for broad presidential powers, but also one who sees the attorney general’s duty as avoiding political considerations.

Makes a lot of sense from a president who knew everything about Iran-Contra and then pardoned everyone involved so that no one was punished for using the Constitution as toilet paper. But hey, let’s all remember back to that moderate Republican Party of the past, back when liberals could respect their Republican Daddies!

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