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Are the Lizard People controlling the Intellectual Dark Web?


Were you wondering what Bari Weiss thinks about her employer promoting an author who thinks that Jews Lizard People control everything?  Then wonder no more:

But wait, I thought the whole idea of the “Intellectual Dark Web” was that its members were “fearlessly” taking on “all topics,” rather than “parroting what’s political convenient.”

As IDW leader Dave Rubin explained to her, the members of the movement ‘don’t now want a statement of principles, but are ‘just a crew of people trying to have the kind of important conversations that the mainstream won’t.’ In Weiss’s description, dark web intellectuals are ‘committed to the belief that setting up no-go zones and no-go people is inherently corrupting to free thought.’

Ok great that sounds just terrific, but then what’s wrong about talking about the lizard people? Does the worldwide conspiracy being run by the lizard people constitute an intellectual no-go zone, or can we talk about the controversial but obviously important idea that Jews lizard people control the world, in an open and non-judgmental way?  The latter seems to be the view of Weiss’s employer, which, after being criticized by the Usual Suspects for not being Politically Correct, responded thusly:

By the Book is an interview and portrait of a public person through the lens of books; it is not a list of recommendations from our editors. The subject’s answers are a reflection on that person’s personal tastes, opinions and judgments. As with any interview, the subject’s answers do not imply an endorsement by Times editors.

Moreover, our editors do not offer background or weigh in on the books named in the By the Book column, whether the subject issues a positive or negative judgment on those books. Many people recommend books Times editors dislike, disdain or even abhor in the column.

Freedom of speech yo!  I may not agree with your view that the Lizard People control the world, but I will defend to the death your right to publicize your totally not PC opinion in the pages of the nation’s most prominent newspaper. Or something.

Oh but we wouldn’t be in Baritown if Ms. Weiss didn’t include a gratuitous shot at the dreaded power of “political correctness” in her very next tweet, via IDW gun moll Caitlin Flanagan:

Again, the idea that, in the words of Bari Weiss, “setting up no-go zones and no-go people is inherently corrupting to free thought” is something that nobody, including Bari Weiss, actually believes, and with good reason.  If “censorship” and “political correctness” mean for the New York Times to choose not to allow Alice Walker to promote David Icke’s paranoid nonsense in the New York Times, then “censorship” and “political correctness” are obviously good things.

Of course in this context “censorship”actually means employing editorial discretion, and indulging in “political correctness” means making the judgment that giving super prominent newspaper publicity to anti-Semitic lunatics is a bad thing.

This is why criticizing newspapers and universities etc. for engaging in “censorship” and “political correctness” is meaningless.  All such institutions must engage in promoting certain views and repressing others, by their very nature.  The question must always be, which views should be promoted, and which should be repressed?

Now it’s possible I may actually be a Lizard Person, who is making this argument as a smokescreen, to advance the nefarious agenda of Big Reptile.  On the other hand, if I were, why would I mention that possibility? On the other other hand, making a meta-comment like that about my true intentions could be a way of throwing David Icke off my trail.

Teach the controversy!





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