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Cultural Marxism as fascist code



The Yellow Vest protests in France represent a populist outcry against urban financial and social elites, as embodied by President Macron:

While the protests may have started over the fuel tax, they have since morphed into a broader indictment of Macron’s handling of the French economy and his perceived elitist disregard for the effects his policies are having on France’s working class.

France’s economy is growing, but very slowly. Most of the growth is centered in its major cities, like Paris, and those on the periphery and in rural communities haven’t seen as many gains. What’s more, France’s rural population relies much more on cars than its urban dwellers do, which is why many in those regions seem the angriest with the gas tax.

“Ask a Parisian — for him none of this is an issue, because he doesn’t need a car,” Marco Pavan, a truck and cab driver in a small town near the France-Switzerland border, told the Washington Post on Saturday. “We live on the side of a mountain,” he continued. “There’s no bus or train to take us anywhere. We have to have a car.”

That’s why some see Macron as a president of the rich. Jeff Lightfoot, a France expert at the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington, DC, told Vox last week that Macron is initiating changes that many of the country’s wealthy can muddle through, but that the nation’s poorer citizens might not be able to overcome.

So, to recap, the protesters are mostly working-class folks who are angry at what they see as an out-of-touch elitist president whose policies favor the wealthy and corporations at the expense of working-class French people.

Of course to our own idiot king the protests are actually both a consequence and celebration of Donald Trump’s relentless attacks on Cultural Marxism:

Trump retweeted this insight on Tuesday.

The concept of “Cultural Marxism” is a direct linguistic and political descendent of the Nazi concept of Kulturbolschewismus (“Cultural Bolshevism”) and is used now by crypto-fascists like Charlie Kirk — and, somewhat more significantly, the current president of the United States — to decry such decadent, fundamentally subversive things as hatred of Western Civilization, feminism, reefer-crazed jazz musicians hip hop performers, libelous claims that people who want to preserve America as a national homeland for white people are actually white supremacists, gay rights, unisex bathrooms, a taste for Peruvian beaver milk cheese etc. etc.

You will be surprised to learn that an international cabal of globalists are behind the hegemony of Cultural Marxism in our universities and in the entertainment industry, where political correctness now makes it impossible to even discuss the Jewish question whether all this “multiculturalism” is just a cover for the Frankfurt’s school’s Soros-funded plot to destroy America.

Good times.

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