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HMCS Vancouver conducts high speed maneuvers off Victoria. Photo by Timothy Choi.

I have been at stuff and doing things. The above was taken as part of the 2018 Maritime Security Challenges Conference in Victoria, where I debated Ben Wang Ben Ho about the future of the aircraft carrier. My presentation was very loosely based on this Foxtrot Alpha article about carriers, and this National Interest article about escalation dynamics, while Ben’s presentation included material from this Proceedings piece and this Naval War College review article. The legendary Geoffrey Till moderated. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there’s a video or audio file. Despite having lived in Seattle for eight years, this was my first visit to Victoria, which was simply lovely.

In other news, I recorded part of a short podcast with Ben Watson of Defense One.  My part concerned the general context of US-China competition over the next few decades.  On this point, I will note that I have heterodox views on the Trump administration’s decision to end the INF treaty.  I’ll discuss this in more detail tomorrow when a Diplomat piece hits.


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