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Racist white woman fired for being a racist #politicalcorrectnessgoneamok


She should have yelled real loud at her employer about how all this was a conspiracy and how dare they question her right to a promotion let alone a job:

On Saturday, D’Arreion Toles posted a video he took when he returned to his apartment complex after staying late at work. A white woman walking her dog blocked his path and repeatedly demanded that he show her his keys or tell her his apartment number, to which he responds that he’s not obligated to show or tell her anything to enter his own home.

At one point she starts, “If you want to come into my building—”

“It’s not your building,” he interrupts. “You’re not the owner.”

Pretty uppity!

Unfortunately for Laura Ingraham Hilary Mueller, no manful and masculine white men were around to protect her impeccably blonde virtue from subsequent social media defilement.

What’s most remarkable about the encounter is that Mueller proceeded to call the police after seeing Toles unlock and walk into his apartment. About 30 minutes after the last video, Toles reported that officers showed up at his door saying they had gotten a complaint that he made another resident “uncomfortable.” It’s a shockingly petty attempt by Mueller to recast herself as the victim of the encounter—what, exactly, are the police supposed to do to make her feel more comfortable when harassing her neighbor? It’s also dangerously reckless considering how common stories are about police encounters escalating to violence. And it’s certainly seems like the opposite of being a good neighbor.

Ya think?

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