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Life during wartime


The reporting on this is still all over the place, but the latest indicates that Trump is firing the DOJ’s head of the Mueller investigation, as opposed to “accepting his resignation.” Apparently the distinction is critical, because the Vacancies Act applies to resignations but not firings.

Good job New York Times.  When the list is made of who fucked up this country, you’ll be right up there with Trump himself.

As for the GOP, it will of course fall in line.  The fact that there’s no question about that is just another illustration of why the Republican party must be destroyed.

ETA: Can Trump fire Rosenstein directly?  He’s a political appointee, which means he doesn’t have civil service protection in regard to his position as Deputy Attorney General, but my very hazy recollection of administrative law is that he would have to be fired by his direct supervisor (Sessions) rather than Trump himself.  That’s what happened during the Saturday Night Massacre, when Richardson and Ruckelshaus resigned before the #3 guy in the DOJ (Bork) pulled the trigger on firing Cox.

Of course another complication in that regard is that Sessions has recused himself in re the Mueller probe, not that Trump or for that matter any of his fascist enablers care about these legal details.

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