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Inside the law school scam, Brett Kavanaugh edition


Good job Yale Law School.  You not only originally excreted this lying sack of shit, this gin-blossomed wreck of a human being, this poser, this company man, but you then did everything you could to get him on the Supreme Court, because it would be good for business.

Even before it turned out that Brett Kavanaugh was just another  rapey drunken frat boy, it was well known that this guy was just another Ken Starr hatchet man, worming his way up the affirmative action for conservative white boys career ladder. But no — you didn’t ask: is Brett Kavanaugh just another right wing hack of no particular intellectual or any other kind of distinction?  Because it had nothing to do with business.

Your reputation should be that you are bunch of pathetic careerist frauds, willing to do literally anything to protect your miserable sinecures, no matter what it costs the country and the people you supposedly care about.  Deep down inside you know this is true.

And fuck you.

This is pretty much perfect:

Kavanaugh’s blatant, sweaty stupidity is perfect 2018 face of the broken corruption underlying the entire system — the notion that a facially immoral frat goon is the best shitheels like Chua and Amar can handpick to lead from among their striving elitists is wholly risible.

Even in the infinitesimally tiny chance that all these women are liars and this is some massive conspiracy i dont give a fuck: this guy getting denied what he believes he is owed is 100% ok by me, you could randomly pick a better judge out of a brooklyn supreme cattle call.

I’ve known dozens of pricks like this guy through the years, ever failing upwards, insane broken bullies cruising through life through sheer accidents of birth and any time one of them suffers even mild inconvenience for the wreckage they inflict is a small victory.

Nailed it.

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