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Undue Burden


Mississippi has passed an unconstitutional regulation of abortion:

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) signed the country’s most restrictive abortion bill into law Monday, banning abortion after 15 weeks gestation. The law will take effect immediately, and makes exceptions only for cases of fetal abnormality or medical emergencies, but not for rape or incest.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, who has said his “goal is to end abortion” in his state, on Monday signed into law the earliest abortion ban in the country that’s in effect.


During a committee hearing on the bill, Fillingane argued that although 20 weeks has long been the anti-abortion benchmark for viability (when the fetus can survive on its own outside of the womb)—a talking point that has been widely debunked—technological advancements now make it possible for a fetus to survive at 15 weeks.

Fetuses are, of course, not viable at 15 weeks. Reflecting Bryant’s goals, it’s a bill designed to make many abortions impossible to obtain, and as long as Casey remains good law the statue is not legal.

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