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The Perfect Hiatt Hire


Well, this was overdetermined:

The Washington Post today announced Megan McArdle will be a columnist for the Opinions section starting March 1. In this role, McArdle will write columns with a focus on the intersection of economics, business and public policy.

“Megan offers one of the liveliest, smartest, least predictable takes on policy, politics and everything else, from the history of washing machines to essential rules for living,” said Fred Hiatt, Editorial Page editor for The Post. “We’re excited to share her perspective and her distinctive voice with our readers and to deepen our coverage of economic and financial topics.”

Since conservative Washington Post columnists have more secure tenure than Article III judges, get used to it! Anyway, let’s relive some of the moments that led to this great development in American meritocracy:

Feel free to tell me what I’m forgetting. Give her this, she’s wronger about a wider variety of topics than Robert Samuelson.

…..(djw): One essential link for any post on McArdle’s oeuvre is Henry Farrell’s definitive response to the back-and-forth his post, linked above, on her endorsement of pre-emptive violence against anti-war protesters inspired:

The problem here is pretty straightforward. Megan McArdle believes that we would all benefit from more intellectual charity in the exciting cut and thrust of the blogosphere. There is indeed a plausible case for this. What there is not a plausible case for, in my opinion, is more intellectual charity towards Megan McArdle.

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