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On the Road


I may do less heroin than Jack Kerouac did on his road trips, but constantly traveling does lead one to see interesting things. Such as this evening. I was on I-84 in western Idaho after a long and extremely circuitous route across Oregon that included me spotting a bald eagle on a tree (yes, I am proud of my bird spotting skills while driving 60 MPH and in this case I turned around and got out the binos, which as an official nerd I always have on me even though I suck as a birder because I hate getting up early). Also, eastern Oregon is perhaps the most underrated place in the nation. It’s incredible.

Anyway, I was on I-84, and I notice in front of me a car with Idaho plates that read “BlueGirl.” And I was impressed given I am in Idaho, a state with no shortage of racist bumper stickers and the like, at least in the Coeur d’Alene area, I can’t speak too much about the Boise area. Anyway, I was impressed. And then what was the license plate of the vehicle next to her? “GOP.”

What a country.

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