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Abannonment Issues

TFW you wish you’d backed the remains of Gov. Andrew Moore.

Some Republicans are very annoyed with Racist Bannon.

Steve Bannon is a cancer on the GOP and Roy Moore’s loss won’t stop him.

See? Also.

McConnell hopes Tuesday’s outcome will put a dent in those efforts. His allies argue that Bannon is a charlatan — a man who has sold himself to the president as the guru of the Trump movement who possesses a preternatural understanding of the president’s political base only to drive the president into a ditch in Alabama.

“Bannon hurt Trump by giving him poor advice,” said Scott Reed, a political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The results in Alabama, Reed said, “hurt the Trump movement.”

But they’re going to have to remain in a state of Still Mad, because like the Smell of Foul Ole Ron, Bannon’s not going to leave until he’s good and ready.

Thanks to commentarian John F for bringing this article to my attention, it made me smile all afternoon.

“Totally uncowed,” Bannon said of himself, even as pundits were writing his political obituary.

Losing a Republican seat in Alabama, however, isn’t much fun. And Bannon conceded that Moore, who was twice removed as the chief judge of Alabama for defying federal law, may not have been the perfect executor of Bannon’s vision of economic nationalism.

“Judge Moore has never been, really, an economics guy,” Bannon said.

Moore has long been nationally known as a towering piles of bigotry guy, getting tossed off the bench for breaking the law guy, and more recently an alleged perving on teens guy. But why Bannon didn’t notice Moore’s lack of economic anxiety nationalist street cred before Tuesday is anyone’s guess.

No it isn’t, Bannon is yet another full of shit, self-aggrandizement goes to 11, can’t fail can only be failed, neo-con. Pardon my redundancies.

“If Mo Brooks had been running here,” he said, referring to the conservative House member from Alabama, “immigration and trade would’ve been at the top of the agenda — and bringing jobs back to Alabama.”

Of course it wasn’t Bannon’s fault he backed a candidate who wasn’t Mo Brooks and campaigned for him and sent his minions to Alabama to find evidence un-Brooks’ accusers were lying. Such things just happen.

But even though Moore wasn’t the right man for the job of senator from Alabama doesn’t mean Bannon can’t find a use for him. Namely as weapon in his war against The Man, man.

Steve Bannon is bloodied but ready for the next round of his guerrilla war against the GOP establishment after his candidate lost a shot at a Senate seat that’s been in Republican hands for more than two decades.

The first step, according to sources in Bannon’s camp, is to use the defeat in conservative Alabama to argue that Republican Roy Moore would have won if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and other establishment GOP leaders hadn’t abandoned him in the face of allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls. Moore denies that he did anything improper.

Why yes, I do like the idea of Bannon chasing after McConnell and the rest of the be-suited thugs in Congress, demanding that they support whatever Christofascist villain he’s decided will be the Chosen One this week.

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