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My honor has been sullied by a scurillious poltroon


https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/924595465940856832In the course of accusing this blog of erasing the women on The Intercept’s editorial team, Mr. Greenwald stated that all of the members of this blog are white academics.

Before I continue, let me be perfectly clear: I have nothing against white academics. I’m friends with a few of those people. There are several living in my neighborhood and they’ve never caused me any trouble.

They seem to be decent, normal people.

However, I draw the line at being called – or even mistaken – for one of those people. If I remain silent now, might I remain silent when I am mistaken for an attorney? Or a smug toad who is so far up himself that he looks at the world through his own nostrils? The thought is unacceptable. Whether it was the result of petty spite or deep ignorance, I regard it as a vicious personal attack.

Had those tweets been written by a person of consequence, I would be considering my legal options. Instead, I will listen to one of my favorite musical duos.

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