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America’s State Television Assesses the Manafort Indictment


Fox & Friends is one of the few shows willing to tell it like it really is — that the biggest scandal facing America today is how Hillary Clinton personally donated all of the uranium in the world to Vladimir Putin in exchange for Putin destroying all of the videotapes of Hillary shooting Vince Foster:

It sounds like they are finally going to actually get into the Mueller stuff a bit more. Doocy starts us off with an introduction about the potential indictments that is not at all leading in its wording. 

“We know this because ― because somebody blabbed to CNN. Somebody leaked that; that may or may not be a crime. What are your thoughts?” Doocy asks.

After quickly noting that this whole Mueller thing is a giant hoax perpetrated by the left, Conway is off to the races. She talks about the Clinton campaign and the Russian dossier before saying that the former secretary of state tried to destroy the American health care system 25 years ago when she was first lady. Then Conway complains that Clinton “just won’t go away,” which seems strange because she brought her up in the first place, but whatever. 

7:44: A confused Earhardt interjects with an innocent, totally not biased question.
“Why isn’t Hillary or her campaign and the DNC ― why aren’t they getting investigated for the Uranium One deal or for Fusion GPS, the dossier?”

A patient Conway explains, “Because most people who would be doing the investigating slash covering the said investigation, Ainsley, voted for her and neither expected nor wanted the election results.”
Good enough for Earhardt ― she’s convinced.

7:47: The hosts flash some polling data showing that many people are frustrated with the tax system, for which Conway thanks them. “These numbers are so much more important than the silly approval ratings,” Conway says, before launching into a monologue about consumer confidence, Dow Jones highs and the like.

To state the obvious, Fox News has nothing to do with journalism. It’s a propaganda network, and anyone who appears on the network is engaged in propaganda on behalf of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

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