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Progress Report



A redesign of a site like LGM is necessarily a work in progress.  Here’s where we are:

Things we are still working on:

  1. The ads.  We should end up with the same number of ad units as the old template (5), but we’re still working on placement, so please be patient.
  2. Comment counts.
  3. Mobile site; although the core of the mobile site is functioning, many of the widgets aren’t working properly.
  4. Sidebar organization. Things may jump back and forth a few more times before we’re fully satisfied.
  5. Drop down menus; these will be a work in progress as we slowly get everything filled in.
  6. Import of the remaining comments from the old system.

Things we’re more or less satisfied with:

  1. The 1-2-1-2 post model.  I know that it takes time to get used to, but I think in the end it’s easier to use than a single column.
  2. Speed; the site is loading much faster, with far fewer hangups.
  3. Recent comments.
  4. Recent posts

As always, comments and tips are welcome.


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