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Will the Trump Administration Fail?


Here’s yet another article arguing that the Trump presidency is finally about to fail. No, this time will be it. Trump is clearly on the way down. Forget about all the other times people claimed this.

The problem with all these arguments is that they don’t really define what failure means in this context. It’s true that Trump is horrific at his job. But he doesn’t even care and neither do Republicans, especially Republican voters. Ben Sasse might be learning at the feet of John McCain on how to talk about he is seriously concerned with the president while voting for his agenda every time. Moreover, to say that Trump is failing because he gets ever more insular in his advisors while lashing out in more ridiculous ways on Twitter avoids the issue that no one is ever going to do anything about any of this. Sure, historians down the road, assuming we still exist, are going to rank Trump at the very bottom of our presidents. But I’m not sure anyone cares.

I’d love to see Trump fail as much as anyone, but I will believe it when I see it.

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