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Great Moments In False Equivalence


Janet Jackson – Nasty (Music Video) from Mary Lambert, Director on Vimeo.

It has occurred to New York Times Climate Troofer In Chief Bret Stephens that Both Sides Do It:

The real winner in Britain’s election is Jeremy Corbyn, who led the Labour Party to a 32-seat gain over its disastrous electoral showing in 2015. Corbyn is a man whose only notable concession to conventional politics has been a necktie. He has done as much to shove the Labour Party to the nasty left as Donald Trump has shoved the Republican Party to the ugly right.

OK, you think Trump, a racist authoritarian buffoon currently trying to take health care from more than 20 million people to pay for a massive upper-class tax cut. But Jeremy Corbyn wants to raise taxes on the most affluent to pay for benefits for the less affluent, perhaps even making the political economy of the United Kingdom more like such desolate hellholes as France and Germany. Equally scary when you think about it.

I’ll leave the final word to Nathan:

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