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There Is Not One Right Way of Opposing Trump



As a follow up to similar thoughts from Rob and Erik, this is so right:

To state what should be obvious:

  • Trump not only can but should be resisted on many different fronts. There should be attacks on the bad and unpopular policies of Trump/McConnell/Ryan. There should be attacks on the many ways in which Trump is unfit for the presidency. There should be attacks on Trump’s incompetent leadership. If some trivial shiny object can get the media to actually report politically damaging stuff about Trump, then push it.
  • Trump needs to be opposed by a broad coalition of people. By ordinary people and public officials and celebrities. By moderates and liberals and left-of-liberals. By people whose issue priorities are different than mine and yours.
  • Opposing Trump in one way does not imply that this is the only way of opposing Trump. It’s not a zero-sum game. Trump can be opposed in different ways by different people.
  • I am particularly uninterested in hearing concern trolling about how You Are Doing Opposing Trump Wrong form people whose “plan” for opposing Trump ex ante involved hyping inane (and in some cases Breitbart- and/or libertarian ratfucker-generated) bullshit about Hillary Clinton, minimizing the ever-widening ideological chasm between the two parties, writing C+ Econ 101 essays about how voting is for suckers, etc. etc. I welcome everyone’s opposition to Trump. But I have less than no interest in hearing about how not to oppose Trump from people who were the opposite of urgent about stopping Trump when it mattered most.
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