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The Arc of History is Long, But It Bends Towards Justice



Congratulations to the Rock — happy to see this great player get the recognition he merits under the wire. Glad to see Bagwell and Pudge make it too. All no-brainers to people who aren’t crank drug warriors who don’t need mere evidence to exercise their self-indulgence.

I have a confession: I was sort of OK with the Yankees winning the World Series in 1996. On the one hand, the Braves were the Yankees of the era and a division rival. And, on the other hand, Raines got a ring (one underappreciated thing about Torre and Cashman is the way they used former stars as valuable role players on those early champions.) May the lord forgive me.

I’ll have more thoughts, but I’ll leave Raines and the other winners to their own thread.

…Longtime friend of LGM Jonah, who I think played a far from trivial role in making this happen, gets to write the piece he’s always wanted to write and nails it on a one-hop from left:

My favorite team bit the dust 13 years ago. That same team traded away my favorite player, who went on to play for five different teams after his first run with the Expos. For all of their charm, being a sports fan can be so fickle, it can feel like rooting for laundry.

But those old memories never fade. More than the Expos or even Raines himself, being a fan was about sitting beside my Papas, watching those first games when I wasn’t yet old enough to fully understand what I was seeing.

That’s why, when Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson called Raines’ name today, I, a 42-year-old man of relatively sane mind, jumped around and yelled like a damn lunatic. It’s why I thumbed through so many old albums, and cried like a damn baby whenever I thought about those very first baseball games.

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