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The fraud against America


Clinton now leads Trump by 2.84 million votes and more than two percent of of all ballots cast. (Latest numbers here.)

Again, I think it’s important to hammer home how astounding these figures would have seemed if they had been available immediately after the election, as opposed to a month later.  A couple of days after the election I estimated that Clinton would finish with two million more votes — a prediction which was roundly derided as far too high by quite a few commenters in the subsequent thread.  It now looks like the final margin is going to be around 50% greater than that.  In addition Clinton may well finish with more votes than Obama received in 2012.

As for Trump he’s going to finish with less than 46% of the popular vote. When combined with the known facts regarding judicially-sanctioned voter suppression and grotesque media irresponsibility, as well as the likely facts regarding Russian interference in the campaign, Trump’s election is now looking roughly as legitimate as Bush’s 2000 “win.”

In other words, by taking full advantage of various combinations of judicial skullduggery, journalistic malpractice, and foreign intrigue the GOP has pretty much flat-out stolen two of the last four five presidential elections (of course 2004 was in large part a consequence of 2000 so you could count it as 2.5 or 3 of the last five if you’re so inclined, as indeed I am).  No wonder they’re so obsessed with voter fraud.

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