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The plot against America, con’t



A friend of mine just heard this commercial aired on WLW, a 50,000-watt Cincinnati station whose signal can be heard, at least at night, over much of the eastern half of North America (it’s also the radio home of the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals). It’s part of the media behemoth iHeartMedia — formerly Clear Channel Communications.

Here’s the text of the ad:

Trump publicly identified International Bankers as the destroyers of America, and the power behind Hillary Clinton.

——-The international Bankers around Goldman-Sachs and the FED ARE the organized Worldwide, Christ-hating, America-hating Jewish Shadow Government behind Communism and the New World Order.

—— These Jewish Bankers rig key elections through their control of all five big TV networks, which are issuing the false polls,

—– and their control of the three Big Mega-Election Vendors, — ES &S, Hart, and Dominion — which process 90%+ of our USA vote on SECRET COMPUTER PROGRAMS, with the shameful permission of all 50 Secretaries of State.

—— In a fair count Trump wins by a landslide in all 50 states.

—— If they dare to announce Hillary the “winner”, it will be blatant computer-fraud.

——- We will then not have a legitimate government.

—– See ElectionNightGatekeepers.com – and see you this Sunday at 2 PM on 55KRC – paid for by Dr. Kuimars Kiani for Congress 2016.

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