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Peter Thiel Explains Why He Endorsed Donald Trump



Silicon Valley billionaire and vampire Peter Thiel, as most of you know, is trying to sue Gawker Media into oblivion. His recent New York Times op-ed, has a lot of problems, such as flat-out lying about proposed revenge porn legislation being nicknamed the “Gawker bill.” But the most important part is where he gives away the show:

As the competition for attention was rewarding ever more exploitation, Gawker was leading the way. The site routinely published thinly sourced, nasty articles that attacked and mocked people.

So, rich people should be on the lookout for ways to put media organizations out of business if these organizations write unflattering things about them. This is exactly why Thiel’s series of lawsuits — basically fishing until you get the right state judge, and get a judgment that can cause huge problems for the defendants and their organizations even if the judgment and/or award have no chance of surviving on appeal — is so disturbing.

And as (Gawker editor) Tom Scocca points out, it’s not just Thiel that thinks it’s highly objectionable that Gawker criticizes its social betters:

It would be naive in the extreme to think that this legal war will be a one-shot deal.

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