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Good Luck With That



The Denver Broncos have named as their starting quarterback someone who, if he fully retained his NCAA production levels, would be a replacement-level NFL starter at best. The fact that there is, as far as I can tell, no contemporary precedent for someone as mediocre in peonage ball as Siemian becoming a viable starter (Tom Brady, a once-in-multiple generation development story, was a lot better in college adjusted for context) doesn’t make it impossible. But it does mean that the decision should be considered excellent news for the Kansas City Chiefs. Although, in fairness, I’m sure the Broncos will get a huge haul for Mark Sanchez.

In other NFL news, I have finally fulfilled my lifelong ambition of making it into Why Your Team Sucks. I can’t find the original comment, but if he’s still lurking thanks to Joe From Lovell for inspiring the joke.

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