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Voter Suppression Works Well



Now that the relevant parts of the Voting Rights Act have been declared unconstitutional by our lovely Supreme Court, the states that long engaged in racist voting practices are now free to do so again. Such as Arizona, where the statewide effort to stop brown people from voting worked great in this week’s primary.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton requested a federal investigation Wednesday into long voter wait times during Arizona’s presidential preference election.

“Throughout the county, but especially in Phoenix, thousands of citizens waited in line for three, four, and even five hours to vote,” he wrote in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Stanton alleged that, by cutting down the number of polling places, the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office unfairly made minorities wait longer to vote.

“In Phoenix, a majority-minority city, county officials allocated one polling location for every 108,000 residents,” the letter read.

“The ratios were far more favorably in predominantly Anglo communities: In Cave Creek/Carefree, there was one polling location for 8,500 residents; in Paradise Valley, one for every 13,00 residents; in Fountain Hills, one for 22,500 residents; and in Peoria, one for every 54,000 residents.”

One polling location for 108,000 residents. That’s good news for John McCain!

Also, the idea that this is some sort of Hillary scheme is really stupid and irresponsible. That’s Bernie supporter conspiracy theories at their very worst. Yeah, I’m sure the Republican controlled Arizona government is totally rigging the game so their candidate doesn’t have to run against an avowed socialist. That makes a ton of sense….

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