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Tonight’s primaries


Great result for Sanders in Michigan so far. He won 64% of the vote in Dearborn, which has the highest percentage of Arab-Americans of any city in the country. He also took more than a third of the African American vote, which is a big improvement. He’s still a very long shot, but he’s alive.

The same can’t be said for Marco Rubio, who isn’t within miles of the 15% threshold to pick up any delegates in either Michigan or Mississippi. If this were a normal year he would drop out now, but the GOP powers that be hate Cruz so much that they’ll probably want him to stay in just to make it harder for either Trump or Cruz to get a majority.

Kasich is basically tied with Cruz in Michigan for second, and that was probably his second-best opportunity to pick up some delegates, so any thought of him replacing Rubio as the establishment pick is very unrealistic. He too can only play the role of denying Trump or Cruz a majority.

The Iowa markets now have Trump at 66%, Cruz at 17%, Rubio at 4%, and the field (Mitt!!) at 12%.

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