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Cheap at Half the Price


It’s Friday and time for some hot, fresh, Free Market porn from Merrill Matthews, the Principled Ph.D.

This week he has an immodest proposal, hubba-hubba!

The story so far – Poor people on food stamps are having a hard time finding jobs at the current minimum wage. Worse, dirty old lefties want to raise the minimum wage, which will make life even worse for poor people (shut up, it just will). Help us Free Market Matthews!

Let me propose a different option: Instead of doubling the minimum wage, how about letting low-skilled food stamp recipients work for half the minimum wage?

Yes, lefties. Why won’t you let people on food stamps work for $4 an hour? You’re so mean!

What if an employer who hired a low-skilled worker on food stamps were able to pay that individual, say, $4 an hour for a set period of time, say, six months. After that the employee would be bumped up to the company’s entry-level wage.

Say, how about you go fuck yourself?

That option would allow the employee to get some on-the-job training, and the employer would have some time to see if the employee was a good fit.

Uh-huh, of course. And if after the Friedman Unit the employer decided the the employee was not a good fit, out into the streets with him, the no good moocher!

It’s not a new idea.

Neither is tarring and feathering miscreants. Perhaps you should shut up about ideas that aren’t new.

Some people have proposed allowing employers to pay young workers just entering the workforce something less than the minimum wage as a way to encourage more youth hiring.

Some people have proposed building tumbrils and using them to ferry corporatists pigs and their lackeys to the nearest guillotine. Perhaps you should shut up about that, also.

The price of their labor is the only thing low- or no-skilled workers have to bargain with. Allow those unemployed food stamp recipients to work for less than the minimum wage, at least for a short time, and maybe they will be able to get a job—and a future.

I say we allow people who are on food stamps and those who are receiving less than the minimum wage due to wage theft to have a private word with M n’ M. I bet they’d prefer that to being “allowed” to experience even more exploitation.

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