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A sophisticated standard of journalism


Ammo Bundy had many things to say to CNN.

“Now that people such as the Hammonds are taking a stand and not selling their ranches, they are being prosecuted in their own courts as terrorists and putting them in prison for five years,” Bundy said.

He said the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge has taken over the space of 100 ranches since the early 1900s.

“They are continuing to expand the refuge at the expense of the ranchers and miners,” Bundy said.

He also said Harney County, in southeastern Oregon, went from one of the state’s wealthiest counties to one of the poorest.

CNN has not independently corroborated Bundy’s claims.

Of course not! The fine folks at CNN know independent corroboration cuts into the wardrobe budget and what’s more important: accurate reporting or crisply pressed blouses? Exactly.

Anyway, the story does include “What the feds say” down at the bottom in the keeping with the Two Sides method of journalism, so only persnickety fuss-budgets would expect anything more.

As an aside, the majority of people Bundy and his freedoom defending pals sorta claim to be helping did not want him around, and said so repeatedly.

Out of concern for their desires, Bundy put out a national call to gun-fondling wankers liberty loving sons of patriotism. So the people of Burns can look forward to a bunch of aggressive, hyped-up white men with more weapons than brains roaming around, looking for something to protect from the forces of evil. Perhaps the people of Ferguson, Mo. can offer some pointers on how to deal with that sort of thing.

However, I suspect one reason Dwight and Steven Hammond will surrender on Monday is to to get into nice safe jail cells far from neighbors who are really not happy about the clown show they initially invited into the county.

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