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Who radicalized Robert Dear?


Is a question I’m not sure this society is equipped to address. However, the New York Times is almost ready to concede that his motivation has something to with anti-abortion politics.

“I’m guilty. There’s no trial,” the accused mass killer Robert L. Dear Jr. told a startled courtroom here on Wednesday. “I’m a warrior for the babies.”

It was a bizarre development in a horrific case, with Mr. Dear using his first court appearance since the deadly rampage at a Planned Parenthood clinic to disrupt the proceedings. There were angry outbursts, declarations of guilt and expressions of anti-abortion politics.

“Let it all come out,” he said in one of a series of outbursts that seemed to remove any doubt about his motivation. “The truth.”

I’m not seeing the bizarre about a terrorist using a court hearing to spout bits of his manifesto, but that’s just me.  I’m also not sure what “seemed” is doing in the last paragraph, but I’m surprised it hasn’t cracked under the strain.

And over in The Corner, you will not be shocked to learn that David French is running around with a rather tattered fig leaf:

Rather than further publicizing the words of Robert Dear, I prefer the words of the Southern Baptist Convention’s powerful Nashville Declaration, proclaiming the pro-life movement’s repudiation of violence to protect the lives of the unborn.
[Tl; dr – Those guys aren’t with us!]

And then, as it so often does in NROville, it gets weird:

As I said in a piece days after the shooting, There is no coherent moral argument for pro-life violence. That’s precisely why it is so rare, and that’s precisely why it will remain rare until America has a moral awakening, reverses Roe, and protects all human life — from conception until natural death.

No coherent moral argument sums up everything that comes out of places like NRO. If I’m reading this correctly, he contends that pro-life violence is rare. (For a given value of rare that allows NROites & Pals to poo-poo anti-abortion violence committed by Christians while they soil their underpants over violence committed by Muslims.) However, it won’t be rare after America decides that life begins at conception and ends at natural death?

I’m convinced!

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