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The Popularity Of Planned Parenthood



A very important point:

But here’s another way in which the Republican mission to destroy one of the country’s largest providers of women’s health care is divorced from reality: It appears completely blind to evidence that Americans — the same Americans on whom the Republican party relies as voters — really, really love Planned Parenthood.

Americans love Planned Parenthood so much that in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released yesterday, 61 percent of people polled said that they opposed cutting funds to the organization. But more notably, Planned Parenthood again emerged as the entity with the highest favorability ratings in the poll, with 47 percent of respondents saying they feel positively about it, more than felt good about either political party or any of the presidential candidates.

And public officials who support PP are generally more popular than those that don’t, too.

After you’re done with this post, see Ann Friedman on the importance of Planned Parenthood.

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