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Area Commenter Places Unwarranted Faith in Lanny Davis


Beloved commenter Denverite did not believe that the recent email Lanny Davis sent to Hillary Clinton revealing him a a particularly pathetic drooling lickspittle was real. To his credit, he offered to put a championship bet on the Blue Jays or Seahwaks on my behalf if they turned out to be real. Well, how about that Josh Donaldson?

For future reference, anybody considering making a Lanny Davis wager should understand this: if a story about him sounds too good to be true, it’s probably true. It might be generally sound policy to distrust stories that seem a little too on-the-nose, but Lanny is never not on the nose. He’s a character written by Aaron Sorkin to represent a morally repugnant D.C. kiss-ass but then rejected for inclusion in The Newsroom because he’s too broadly conceived and his dialogue isn’t credible. We veteran Lanny Davis watchers would never make this mistake.

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