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Credit Where Credit Is Due


I first saw it in non-Twitter form here, but Simon Maloy apparently deserves the credit for inventing the “Moops” analogy to describe the Halbig litigation. And not only was his post the original, it might also be the best:

“That’s not ‘Moops,’ you jerk. It’s Moors. It’s a misprint,” the Bubble Boy explains, accurately presenting the game manufacturer’s intent in spite of the minor technical error.

“I’m sorry, the card says ‘Moops,’” Costanza replies, adopting an absurdly narrow and nonsensical interpretation of the rules that furthers his own interests. It’s a pretty good match on the logic, and the happy coincidence that the situation pits a whiny, lying jerk against a person in need of substantial medical care only bolsters its relevance.

Indeed. The look of self-satisfaction on Costanza’s face when he says “sorry” is the perfect metaphor for anti-ACA litigation, and the fact that it sets of a chain of events resulting in serious harm if not death to a third party makes the analogy even more perfect. (I assume the first person to come up with the equal protection rationale for Bush v. Gore had the same look.) Only the contemporary Republican Party might have transcended the nihilism of Larry David’s greatest creation. I’m not sure even George Costanza is shameless enough to argue that Spain really was invaded by the Moops. And the harm that his technicality caused the Bubble Boy, unlike the harm that will come to many people were the Supreme Court to uphold Halbig, was not easily foreseeable.

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