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Thank You!



First, let us thank everyone who has donated to LGM over the past year. I’ve tried to write individual thank you notes, but may have missed someone. We deeply appreciate your contributions. We also appreciate it when someone takes the time to buy a copy of one of our books, or buys a t-shirt, or purchases a textbook through one of our Amazon links, or whatever else.

We’ve been doing this for almost ten years now, and while the financial rewards are certainly higher than we anticipated in 2004, they aren’t high. Overhead is generally low, although taxes, accounting, and business fees take a bite. We have long maintained a commitment to ensuring that everyone who writes for LGM (including guest posters), receives financial compensation, however small that compensation may be. This is to say that if you do choose to donate, the gift makes it way with very few rest stops to the people who actually maintain and write for the site on a daily basis.


Thank you,

Lawyers, Guns and Money

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