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America’s Moral Arbiters Botch Another Vote


Well, at least good for the three very deserving players who got in. The fourth deserving player who didn’t get in by two votes in part because of voters with idiotic personal vendettas of some sort was not so good. (Of course, the BBWAA will continue to let blogger Murray Chass vote while stripping the vote of the guy who turned his over to an electorate that actually takes the vote seriously.) And then there’s the greatest-hitting catcher in baseball history, who was kept out although there’s exactly as much evidence that he used PEDs as there is against the three guys who were voted in. And then there’s two players among the 10 greatest ever, who got about 35% of the vote despite not breaking any rules of the game of their time because of incoherent narcissitic moralizaing about nothing of substance.

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