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What We Owe Our Readers…


Lawyers, Guns and Money continues to struggle for mainstream respectability. Here is our six seven-part plan for entering the “MSM:”

  1. Sell posting space to the Church of Scientology or religious organization of similar legitimacy.
  2. Hire Charles Krauthammer to write a weekly column.
  3. Commission an article arguing that Sandy Hook Truthers make 9/11 Truthers and JFK Truthers look bad, then take the article down when people complain.
  4. Hire Tom Friedman to write a weekly column.
  5. Develop a series of multimedia presentations on the subject of the First Lady’s Inaugural wardrobe.
  6. Hire Condoleeza Rice as a contributor for our new Sunday morning show, “Suffer Through Your Hangover with the LGM Crew.”
  7. 7. Launch viciously unfair attacks on another academic blogger until he is compelled to remove his insights from the public domain.

I have no doubt that careful adherence to this plan will win us great respect and an even greater fortune. More details about this surefire means of achieving relevance and celebrity can be yours for only $19.99!

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