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R.I.P. A great man, who had a real impact on history; we need many more of his like than we have. When he said that MLB players were among the most exploited workers in America, he was right — exploitation isn’t just being paid a low wage, it’s being paid far less than your services are worth.

Precisely because of his salutary impact, Miller has been snubbed from the Hall of Fame. At this point, I’m not even sure that I want him in. We took djw on his first visit to Cooperstown over the holiday weekend, and seeing the tributes to Ron Santo on the one hand made me happy that he finally got the honor he obviously deserved but on the other hand made me angry because waiting until after he was around to enjoy it almost made it more insulting. So while Miller’s exclusion is outrageous, I’m not sure that I even want to see him inducted now. He made history from the outside, and good.

…via Emma Span, Miller on the HoF issue: ““I’ve never campaigned to be in the Hall and have asked not to be included on any ballot,” Miller says. “But they continue to put me on the list and then rig the election. Considering who runs the place, not being a part of it gives me credibility as a union leader. That’s how I hope it stays long after I’m gone.””

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