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Catch This Guy On The Right Day And He’s Che Frickin’ Guevara


Given the report by the Center for American Progress about Romney’s 27 myths in 38 minutes, this is timely.

I use this clip in a lecture on charting campaigning practices from the classic mobilize your base however necessary through to the (post) modern era as an example of viral campaigning (I also use the 1964 LBJ Daisy Commercial as an introduction to “modern” campaigning, and that still spooks the students). It’s from the 2008 Michigan Primary, which if you recall was not sanctioned by the DNC because it was held too early.  Obama wasn’t even on the ballot (nor were several others, including Biden and Edwards), so there was little for a Democrat to do (could have voted for Kucinich I suppose).

The Republicans, however, were in the midst of indecision: Huckabee won Iowa, McCain won New Hampshire, and Michigan was the third state to vote.  Michigan allowed for crossover voting in primaries.  There was a movement amongst Democrats in Michigan to screw with the Republicans by helping Romney win Michigan, which was the third state to vote.

It’s still hilarious, and resonates.  And this year, unlike the last three, my British students will get it.

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