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NFIB Roundup

  • For those who want some mobile Lemieux analysis, I’m on the Prospect podcast with the great Jamelle Bouie, Jaime Fuller, and Patrick Caldwell.
  • While in both the podcast and my initial article I engage in a little mea culpa over my repeated predictions that Roberts would not be the swing vote, I note that it was literally unprecedented. I also note that moderate, reasonable, thinking person’s conservative Sam Alito has never been the swing vote.   Which compels me to revisit that Contrarian Comedy Classic from Ann Althouse, the nomination of Sam Alito is excellent. news. for. liberals!
  • Paul Starr on the real winners.
  • Perhaps my favorite of the angry conservative reactions has to be James Pethokoukis quoting McCulloch v. Maryland, the case the dissenters wanted to de facto overrule.  Although I don’t mean to slight Ben Shapiro.
  • David Brooks uses the decision to say things that aren’t true.
  • Like Paul, I’ve been enjoying Richard Posner’s contributions to the Slate year-in-review.   But, particularly given his previous criticisms of “law office social science,” I can’t resist quoting the nadir of his deeply misguided attack on the PPACA:  “The Washington Post has an excellent [sic] economic journalist named Robert Samuelson, and he had a column a week or two ago in which he persuasively [sic] criticized the law.”   Yes, that one.
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