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The Fruits of Victory are Apparently “Caliberries”


Who can now claim that a Wildcats victory does not benefit the wider campus community?

To celebrate the Wildcats and Coach John Calipari’s first National Championship, all Lexington Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt stores will give away one free 5 oz. froyo to each customer Tuesday, April 3.

All customers can enjoy any one of Orange Leaf’s delicious flavors including the special “Caliberry” flavor, which will only be in the stores through the end of this week.

And we have a winner in this year’s LGM Tournament Challenge:

1 tb_slash 1, tb_slash Kentucky 1550 99.7
2 Sleater-Kinney Road, will kier Kentucky 1500 99
3 FunBoy84Lyfe 1, FunBoy84Lyfe Kentucky 1480 98.5
4 MN_Jayhawk, college.ball.nut Kentucky 1460 98
5 mixingmemory 2, mixingmemory Kentucky 1450 97.7
6 failed2menace 1, failed2menace Kentucky 1440 97.4
7 jameson805 1, jameson805 Kentucky 1400 96.1
8 Chaminadenfreude, BaronUnderbheit Kentucky 1390 95.7
8 c(wr/s)u sparkings, ehlimbach Kentucky 1390 95.7
10 mwbugg 1, mwbugg Kentucky 1370 94.9


The enigmatic tb_slash should contact me at his/her earliest convenience regarding prize info; e-mail is available under “Contact” on the far right sidebar.

Second, I am forcibly reminded that the time has come for the LGM Baseball Challenge. This year’s competition was nearly cancelled because of pointlessness, but hopefully this season someone will be able to break the awful three-year tyranny of M. Ricci.

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