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Remembering Our Most Glorious War


Relentlessly, the calendar grinds toward the event which could tear this blog apart, the bicentenary of the War of 1812.  The loyal American contributors to this blog will surely commemorate the triumphs of that war to maintain freedom against the perfidious, vengeful British and their Canadian lackeys.  The less loyal Americans…. well, we shall see.  In any case, here is a helpful blog that chronicles the march to war.  The treacherous Anglo-Canadian Provocation of the Day for April 20, 1812 comes in a letter from Governor General Sir George Prevost to Lord Liverpool:

[Peace loving American activities] have induced me to accept the services of 500 Canadian youth, to be formed into a corps of light infantry or voltigeurs.  As soon as the organization of the militia is en train, I propose visiting Upper Canada to concert with Major-General Brock a general plan of offensive and defensive operations in the event of the democratic spirit of the United States having put the dispute beyond the bounds of accommodation.

Yes; hardly surprising the Anglo-Canadian Axis would view America’s democratic spirit as putting the dispute “beyond the bounds of accommodation.” Truly, they do hate us for our freedom.

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